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You will now have received our email requesting various information from you which is integral to your project. You will find the forms to your various questionnaires below. Some of the questions may seem irrelevant to you, but they all help to build the ‘picture’ of your brand.

NB. You only have to fill out the questionnaires to the services you are in contract for. 

Website Questionnaire

(You will find the file types on your logo/branding on your computer)
This could be - Sell online (Ecommerce), blog, offer bookings, store customer/client data, offer a members area, hidden access etc.
Please provide reasons as to why you like/dislike them. These can be any websites at all and NOT from the same industry as you.

Branding Questionnaire

Please provide reasons as to why you like/dislike them. These can be any logos at all and NOT from the same industry as you.

Copy Questionnaire

Please write 5 bullet points about your company. Please note this is just to gauge how you speak about your company, this will not be used verbatim.
Please note - even if you do not have a strap line (Eg. Nike - 'Just Do It' / Mc Donalds "I'm lovin' it") what could it be if you were to have one? Even simple basic words - pretty, colourful, fun would be fine.
Eg. Rockpool Creative could be - Marketing, professional, trustworthy, collaborative, unisex, emotive, unusual, digital etc etc. Or it could be in a full sentence "THE SOUTH EAST’S COLLABORATIVE DESIGN & MARKETING AGENCY, A pool of trusted professionals."

Just remember there are no right or wrong answers, this is your business! 

WEBSITE Go live information

You would have already recieved a full ‘go live’ information email from us, however here it all is again for your reference.

You will be ‘given’ the site link to thoroughly check through for a final snag list approximately one week prior to website live date. At which point you will have up to 72 hours to make note of any snags you wish to have changed. These need to be submitted to office@rocpoolcreative.co.uk clearly marked in the subject title as WEBSITE/BUSINESS NAME – FINAL SNAGS. Once these changes are completed you will be given a formal ‘go live’ date via email. Should this be inconvenient, please discuss a change of date with your RP Pro(s).

No changes can be made to the site after the final snag list, any and all additions will be chargeable. Please ensure your snag list is thorough.
Should we have to change your domain name servers, please back up all email accounts connected to the domains. RP take no responsibility for any loss of emails, access, documentation or other.

If you have a previous website, please ensure that anything you may need is extracted from the old site and stored securely. RP take no responsibility for any other website data, content, media or other.
You will need to be available on the day of ‘go live’ for Google access codes etc. These normally get sent to your mobile devise and have an expiry time. Any delays in codes being provided can stall a website going live.

If you have an Eshop/Ecommerce contract, all payment methods get added to the site after the domain is connected/pointed and the SSL certificate is issued. You will need to be on hand to provide access codes etc. There is not a way to securely do this prior to the SSL being issued.
If you have an existing site there is the possibility of downtime as the URL propagates. This can range from 2 hours to one week. You will be notified as to the approximate time by your RP Pro prior to website live date.
Once the site is live, RP make full checks of the site, including test purchases (if applicable) test emails etc.
For Eshops/Ecommerce Refunds will be self issued and clearly visible in the orders section.
Once the site is live, your final balance invoice is due immediately. Once paid you will receive your RP Handover document detailing all of your passwords, website colours and fonts. Please confirm receipt of your Handover Document and store this securely. Should RP not be mentioned in your Privacy Policy, this data is destroyed and removed from our data base unless otherwise requested in writing in accordance with the GDPR.
You will then receive your WordPress admin request via email. Please follow the link to the on screen instructions on how to change your password.

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” 

Henry Ford


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“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.” – Andrew Carnegie

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