It Is a testing time for small businesses. To be honest, its a testing time for everyone!
The world seems to have entered a parallel universe, and that feeling of unease in the pit of your stomach is unpleasant at best. But that doesn’t mean you should take your eye off the ball.

So here are some tips of what we at Rockpool Creative suggest you do during your downtime.

  • DON’T stop marketing…it doesn’t have to be for now: and as the enquires come in, compile a list of leads/enquiries for after this is all over. Prioritise the ones enquiring now.
  • DO start writing blogs, as many as you would like, they don’t have to all go live at once, spread them out over time. it’s great for your mind and will help you still remain positive for when this is all over. Remember, this is temporary, now is the time to compile your content.
  • DO draft some Facebook posts ready to launch when this is all behind us. The Pages app makes life so easy to post from drafts after all of this is done and dusted.
  • THINK about some offers you could do to relaunch yourself, 10% off for new clients etc etc. Hard launch or soft launch, consider your market demographic audience, and what would suit them. Why not consider diversifying your existing brand, maybe new services and does this warrant a change of target market.
  • NOW is the time to think does my logo/branding need to evolve? Is it dated? What about your packaging? Would you like a change of colour? Now is the time, whether you want to hard launch or soft launch after this, take the time to mull this over.
  • LOOK at your website, could it do with a copy refresh? Those pictures you have been meaning to change, those terms and conditions, do they need to be updated? Why not take this time and do that now.
  • THINK – are there elements you would like to add to your business but you haven’t had time to do so? Can you offer something now even from your home? Courses? Helping others in your industry? Why not start a Facebook/LinkedIn group for your industry? Mutual help and support during this time from empathic industry allies is never a bad thing
  • TEAM UP with other complimentary brands, arrange to help each other!
  • REMEMBER you wouldn’t have a business to start with if your concept or industry wasn’t thriving before.
  • RESEARCH your market competitors now. Feel confident about how you sit in your field, remember knowledge is power.
  • CHECK to see what help you can get from the .gov website. Financial plans are in place to help lots of industries in the UK.
  • BE mindful of your mental health. Concentrate your energy on attempting to refocus and accept what is happening.

SO what can we do to help you, Rockpool have created a dedicated email for advice, for free of charge advice. freehelp@rockpoolcreative.co.uk We can offer you advice on what blogs to write, what posts we suggest or even what we think would be the best way to push on with your new ideas.

We are a friendly bunch, get in touch, and let us all look forward to a better ‘new normal’ after all of this has settled.

Good luck & stay safe.

Fran, Jen & Em

web design, marketing agency, collaborative agency

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