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  • Senior organiser of Frances and Jen
  • Chief creator of cheese straws and soup.
  • Proud owner of two cute and anti-social cats.
  • Secret hippy
  • Has a mild cleaning obsession
  • Loves making lists, hates Frances’ writing.

I have lived in Kent my whole life, I come from a large extended family and have more absolutely adorable nieces and nephews than I can count.  I have been self employed since the age of 19, running a successful catering franchise in Kent for almost a decade. When this came to an end in 2016 I was highly motivated from the change, and I embarked upon a quest for new skills and a change in direction. 

Frances, founder of FES Enterprises, and also incidentally my best friend of over 9 years, was looking to expand her already established digital marketing company and proposed that we join forces to move the company forward.

Our combined personalities and very different working styles allowed us to move FES forward in ways that we could only have imagined when we started to branch out into other aspects of the industry, including website building and virtual business assistance for an endless variety of businesses and industries.

I love the psychology of business and have a passion for written language and how it ties into the work we do everyday for our clients. I am the left brained power behind the very special team we have created within Rockpool Creative, I love logical and linear approaches to work and I absolutely love using the people skills I perfected in my earlier years discussing project details with our clients.

As well as copywriting solutions, my skills also lie in E Commerce platforms,  online shop facilitates and functionalities. If you are selling a product or service you will need a shop facility which best fits the individual requirements of your business and most importantly offers the simplest procedure for your clients and customers from add to basket to check out. 

I specialise in organising my wonderfully creative business partners and bringing the ideas and creativity to fruition within our working environment. Admin and organisation is my bag, I relish in the logical nature of working through and finalising the creative genius that lands on my desk everyday.



Additional Information:

  • Mum of boys ( human and feline)
  • Chief maker of tea
  • Wife to the most talented husband
  • Has unusual passion for TV’s The Chase
  • Marginally stubborn
  • Loves the design, hates the tech

I was born into the job. My Dad owned Letraset Ltd and I grew up surrounded with Pantone markers and rub down transfers long before the world of typography went digital.

As a child I would spend my time copying logos from sweet packets, cans of drink and tins of soup for fun. Believe me, I had a great childhood! ha ha

Whether it was nature or nurture, I went on to complete a brand design and packaging degree which cemented my path for my career.

After leaving university and having a couple of post-grad jobs, I went freelance when the economy crashed in 2007 leaving not much choice but to start my own thing. Jen Sinclair Design is the company I have worked under for many years, working with clients from a whole host of industries on everything from print to packaging, brand to web design.

I am obsessed with brand design, colour, typography and identity. Brands are like books and they are judged by their covers. For a brand to succeed it must first know who it is.

Consistency is key for a distinguished and effective brand to succeed. I am ideas-driven and pride myself on my ability to connect with a client or brand in order to visualise what they might look like in order to attract their key target audience.

I have three boy humans, a boy cat, a boy hamster and one husband who certainly keep me balanced (most of the time!)

I am a messy desk kind of person and never not busy but I wouldn’t have it any other way.



Additional Information:

  • Mother of adorable rabble
  • Senior worker out-erer
  • Proud owner of 239 illegible notebooks
  • Has a mild shoe addiction
  • Has never been described as relaxed
  • Loves the ideas, hate lists

After years in retail management and then running my own online company I decided it was time for a change.
When I founded FES Enterprises I saw an open gap in the market for helping cottage industry companies move up a level. I pride myself in using simplistic language and explaining to our clients as much as they would like to know – some like lots, and some don’t want any. Either way that is fine. Your digital property is just that, your property. Unfortunately it seems to be apparent that there is a huge lack of that in this industry. Ask and our team will tell you. One of the most recent developments by FES was detailed handover documents….which includes everything you could possibly wish for when we complete your project.
I have been friends with Emily and Jen for over ten years…and Rockpool seems like the next natural progression…more and more collaborative projects arrived. A ‘sign’ if you like.

Digital marketing & social media are the most phenomenal tools of the last decade, especially when used as a springboard onto a well managed, branded website. I really enjoy working alongside companies from their infancy stages to build the brand’s digital footprint to where it is today; creating an integral ‘customer net’, broadening awareness and gaining significant consumer reach.
I specialise in website functionality…acting as the consumer on their journey through your site.
Strategic marketing plans are also my bag, and I really enjoy jumping in feet first. According to some scientists at the Science Museum London, I am equally left and right brained. (True story) This allows me to jump from concept to concept, idea to idea until I find the one that can give you the edge.
I really like the tech side which most people dread, I also love getting my teeth into a business where I can immediately see the potential. Pretty sure if you did a brain scan it wouldn’t be dissimilar to spaghetti junction in there.
Quite often (sometimes daily) I am having to learn new things…and I’ll be honest I think that is what keeps me on my toes and my brain working overdrive.
Unusual in this day and age, but I love my work. Every aspect of it, although I am not stats minded, my colleagues will tell you I can get lost in them for hours, with total enthusiasm.
I have three gorgeous children, two darling (NAUGHTY) dogs and a very supportive partner (in crime).
Life is 100 miles per hour, just as I like it.




Hannah Dougal – Film & Photography

I have always been creative, never academic and am also pretty competitive. I have to be the best at what I do and if I want to do something I generally achieve it….. this is a pretty handy but slightly annoying life skill! I left school and trained as a veterinary nurse, that is something I had wanted to be since the age of five. I specialised in Emergency & Critical care and worked nights in London for Vets Now. Then I had kids and that side of my life got left behind.

My creative brain went wild with the time I suddenly had on maternity leave and my photography bloomed. I now have my own business, ‘Hannah Dougal Film & Photography’ and I have never been happier.  I LOVE capturing real unscripted images of people doing what they love. 

Clients want to see who you are, what you do and how you do it. Your website needs high quality, powerful imagery to show off your services as soon as clients enter your website. I love to learn all about your brand and the face of your business, then work with you to create imagery and/or film to promote and reflect the service and products that you offer.

I offer a complete branding experience which includes an authentic promotional film, high quality imagery and head shots that reveal who you are and what your brand is all about. 




At Story and Brand we create video content that is designed to entertain, excite and stimulate your potential customers. We specialise in telling the story of your business in an authentic yet cinematic way.

You can showcase and promote your business through video in a variety of ways. Take for example our popular customer testimonials. These showcase a number of customers within the environment of the business, all mixed together to create a fun, fast paced multi-use film. These work well across multiple platforms and can really liven up any instagram feed and client facing website. Your happy customers are your biggest advocates when it comes to promoting your brand and there is no greater way for them to sing your praises than in a form of a video. 

Our documentary style promotional films can be created over a short or long period of time. We will work with you to develop an effective plan and filming schedule that ensures we are always highlighting the key points you wish to convey and promote. Giving customers and potential customers a greater insight in to the heart of you business is effective for building brand awareness, trust and loyalty. This is especially important in today’s market where consumers are ever more curious about the products and services in which that choose to invest in and give their support towards.

As a local video production company we are always on hand and ready to capture any significant and key moments that may develop within the story of your business. The filming process will be designed to be as fun and efficient as possible. In addition, with correct planning we are able to minimise any disruption to the running of your day to day business.

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