Sometimes it’s hard to see the wood from the trees. We offer a completely bespoke advisory service. Let us do your digital asset audit and hand back to you. Be it a Micro Dip or a Deep Dive perhaps somewhere in between? See some examples below…


Micro Dip – With Social Media Overview

  • Client was stuck with direction and unable to decide best ways to move forward
  • Client had existing website and wanted to keep it
  • Client wanted to brief current web designer and wasn’t sure where to start
  • Client needed a brief PA for social media
  • Chose Rockpool based on value
  • Client wanted very little input

REQUIRED – Brief for existing web designer
REQUESTED – Little to no input

Fun fact client has since come back to us for social media assistance, brochure creation and print.

Total Cost – £350 


Deep Dive
  • Client wanted to have a website redesigned but wasn’t sure where to start

  • Client only had existing website which they wanted to scrap but wanted to know if any elements should be kept

  • Client wanted to add a subscription element to their services but was unsure of the market or where to begin

  • Client needed assessment of ALL digital business assets

  • Chose Rockpool based on reputation

  • Client wanted staged breakdown suggestions

REQUIRED – Staged breakdown suggestions
REQUESTED – Market research for new business idea
RECEIVED – Full Deep Dive Analysis

Fun fact client has since had a revenue increase of 16.8%

Total Cost – £550


Deep Dive – With Social Media Overview

  • Client required assistance with Vision Statement, Mission Statement & Values Statement
  • Client required assistance with ascertaining brand tone of voice due to diverse client demographic 
  • Client had three existing businesses – our brief was to focus on the umbrella company
  • Client wanted to see what they were ‘missing out’ on delivering to their clients
  • Client wanted to focus on the fundamental business basics as if from the beginning 
  • Chose Rockpool based on secondary recommendation  
  • Client had an unlimited budget 
  • Client required white label assistance

REQUIRED –New Vision, Mission & Values Statements
REQUESTED –A full overview from the ‘Rockpool Team’ perspective of each of the current business digital assets
RECEIVED –Full Deep Dive Analysis

Fun fact client has noticed higher ROA since the website annotations have been implemented as per the Deep Dive audit. Client has also noticed a substantial increase in leads. 

Total Cost – £2400