It is about so much more than a logo. People judge a book by it’s cover, it’s true and your branding is just that: the cover image for your company.

A company with strong branding can communicate with its target market without even needing to say anything at all! Clear, contemporary and consistent aesthetics, well-targeted tone of voice and industry-relevant positioning are just some of the elements that help make your brand stand out and succeed. Where suitable, have some fun with your branding: experiment. With the world so full of ‘already-used’ ideas the only route you can rely on is creativity and innovation.

Think outside of the box, be brave, stand out.



Upon first meeting you and learning about your brand, old or new, we spend some time assessing all of the things that surround it. This includes, but is not limited to; target market, competitors, industry and brand personality. This helps us visualise how your brand should be positioned.


Armed with our brand positioning, we will start work on some concepts for your company. We will usually begin work in black and white and produce a range of original concepts for you.
These will look at logo composition, design, devices and will always consider the required applications.


After the feedback stage, we will spend time fine-tuning the design of your choice, looking at confirming fonts and colours and ensuring that all graphics created are accurate.
We will also work on any accompanying brand elements; i.e web, social media branding etc.


Once all of your final branding is complete, we will package it all up providing you with a complete set of brand files including a pdf brand guidelines document containing any technical information, brand rules, fonts and colour references.


or contact us for more help or to ask any questions.

We can cater to any requirement as far as your brand identity but over time we have learned that MOST of our clients fall into one of the following groups: Evolution or Revolution. Read more below on our branding services.


A shorter branding option for those who know exactly what they want and/or are after small changes to an existing brand.

FROM £250

Do you have an existing logo that you feel needs to evolve to attract a new target audience or perhaps it is just a bit outdated?

If the fundamentals of a business are remaining the same then it is often sensible to make small changes to modernise and update your branding rather than huge ones. This is so that you maintain recognition and the brand awareness you have worked hard to build up. It could be that you want to modernise the font your logo is in, change the colour ways, create a sub brand or add a strap-line.

Do you know exactly what you want for your branding?

Perhaps you can supply colours, fonts and even sketches? Maybe you have 3 or 4 example logos that you love and can pretty accurately explain how you imagine it looking. This option is for those who are sure of what they want but just need the technical help to make it happen.

Do you have logo file issues? 

SO many clients come to us and ask us to help them as the only brand file they have is one tiny jpeg in low resolution and they need to apply it to something on transparency or in large scale and can’t. 9 times out of 10 we can help by taking your tiny jpeg and re-creating it as a vector file. This is then supplied to you in all file types and colour ways and you’re then able to apply it to absolutely anything without quality reduction.


A full branding option for those who want or need to start at the beginning and build a strong brand that will succeed and last.

FROM £450

Do you need to start at the bottom and see a range of original concepts put to you for you to help realise your branding?

This option is for those who want to see a full and broad creative exploration for their branding. Before design work starts, thorough market research is carried out, looking at target market, competitors, positioning, brand personalities, industry and much more. 

You will then receive 2-4 original concepts for your branding.

From here you choose to pursue one of the concepts to stage 2 where you will see development, refining, colour application and more.

Don’t worry! If you have a change of mind you can request additional concepts at this stage for an add on fee.

Once the final brand identity has been decided and fine-tuned, we will create and supply all file types and brand assets. We will also provide you with a pdf brand identity document showing all of your brand elements, rules and application guidelines.


"They are so patient and carry out their work professionally and efficiently.”

"You are an inspiration to business women everywhere..."

"They were professional yet made dealing with them incredibly comfortable – like we were interacting with friends"

“People always say you can’t buy time but the team at Rockpool Creative have proven that statement false.”

"Their attention to detail is outstanding"



Email Signatures

Corporate Stationery ie: Business Cards, Letterheads etc.

Social Media Banners & Profile Images 

Brand Guidelines

Packaging Design 

Digital Banners


Graphic Render Mock Ups


Print Design i.e Postcards, Leaflets etc.

Brochure Design

Large Format Design i.e: Signage, POS, Banners etc.


Social Media – Seasonal, Full & Partial Management


VA – Newsletter Creation, Email set up, Social Media Scheduling

Blog Writing

Higher Level SEO

Plugin Selection, Research and Implementation

Mailing List Management

GDPR Policy Implementation & Creation

Training – One to one, Staff & Group