E-commerce WEBSITE





Brief in brief

Client Location – Biddenden, Kent. UK

  • Branding Evolution
  • Ease of use for Client
  • Move Woocommerce shop from previous site to the new site
  • Modernise and make fully responsive
  • Integration of Grotto
  • Mailing List Integration


  • Web Design
  • Advisory
  • Branding
  • Training
  • E Commerce – full product category move from previous site
  • VA – full product catalogue upload


“Where to begin? The girls are simply AMAZING! From the initial design concepts through to the technical workings, they were awesome. Jen literally climbed in to my mind and managed to exceed all my expectations when it came to the design and feel of the site. I am incredibly particular and creative (an annoying combination), yet she impressively got it spot on from the off. Such a joy! Fran and Emily smashed all of the technical stuff that I don’t understand but that I know that I need! Every inner working of the site has been expertly thought through, tested and implemented. They’ve had the patience to talk me through EVERYTHING, and answer like a trillion questions. Always with a good sense of humour and acceptance of the fact that I’ll never grasp what “dynamic” means, they have been an utter dream to work with. I’m so pleased I took the leap and investment to create the site, as it really has propelled the business in to a different league and I’m really looking forward to Winter time when it will come in to it’s own 🙂 Thanks ladies, you’re the bomb and you’re now stuck with me forever”



Brand Evolution

The client had an existing logo but wasn’t happy with the colours and so asked us to carry out some minor evolutions.

While we were working on the vector logo files we created other brand elements which could then be used throughout the website like the moon and stars background.

Due to the circular aperture of the main logo we needed to create a one-line logo for use on the sticky header for the website.  

The Process


  • Make the website more user friendly
  • Higher level functionality 
  • Fully responsive on all devices
  • Overall user experience must be more linear.
  • Client needed to be able to annotate as and when for seasonal stock changes
  • Implementation of Mailchimp Mailing List – with two template email designs created 
  • Integration of third party Grotto Booking System

Full Platform & Plugin Research

Working out which platform would work best for the company and why

  • Brand Integrity
  • Cost
  • Functionality
  • Ease of use
  • Compatibility
  • Capability for further longterm growth

Added Extras

Client required in house training and advice.



Easy Navigation for Repeat Customers

Repeat customers needed to be drawn in by the design to increase ‘basket spend’.

Client trained to maintain and upkeep

Client was given face to face training with one of our Rockpool Professionals and additional email support for one month after the site was live. The client has at times come back to us for support and advice which we are always happy to assist with wherever possible.

Responsive website

The site is optimised for all devices. Once the initial desktop site is built, the site is then broken down for mobile/tablet devices to ensure optimised functionality and usability.


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