Branding including business name | Web-design – 6 Page Showcase site | Copywriting | Social Media Package | Photography

  • Client needed fast turn around time, from commencement to delivery 
  • At the clients request we met at their premises to see the full picture of this brand new company 
  • Client requested very specific communication style due to their working diary
  • Chose Rockpool based on personal recommendation 
  • Client wanted very little input – creative design and input completely down to us

REQUIRED – 6 week turnaround
REQUESTED – Phone call communication only
RECEIVED – Full handover, training, photography, higher level SEO

Fun fact client was able to select a latter go-live date based on their own convenience

Total Cost – £5375 


Branding | Brochure & Print | Copywriting | Web-design – 7 Page Showcase site 

  • Client requested we worked with their vision for the future of their business , not the current way the premises looks.
  • Subsequently to onsite meeting, the client decided on a branding evolution
  • Client requested team training carried out onsite
  • Within 6 weeks of ‘go-live’ the first website extension work was instructed

REQUIRED – Work with the future vision of the business
REQUESTED – Addition of PDF brochure with QR code
RECEIVED – Full handover, team training, complete brand deliverables

Fun fact Client has had lots positive feedback on the new site

Total Cost – £5625


Web-Design – 6 Page Showcase Site | Copywriting | VA – GDPR Implementation 

  • Reduction in monthly costs 
  • Adaptation due to complete business structure overhaul
  • Chose Rockpool for flexibility of working within their time remits 
  • Monthly retainer for maintenance – they wanted the maintenance responsibility of their website to be handled by us rather than in-house 

REQUIRED – No on going maintenance of the website to be handled in-house
REQUESTED – Reduction in existing monthly costs (Rockpool managed to cut these costs by 56%)
RECEIVED – Full legal ownership handover, bespoke GDPR policy, system and package. Bespoke monthly maintenance package.

Fun fact client has had a 300% increase in business since their website has been live

Total Cost – £4675


Web-Design | Copywriting | Business Advisory

  • Client had many very high profile clients, yet wasn’t sure how to fully show this.
  • Chose Rockpool based on their portfolio 
  • Client chose monthly hosting with Rockpool
  • Client required copy annotations and proofing of their supplied copy

REQUIRED – Brand positioning research
REQUESTED – Priority service
RECEIVED – Full handover, Rockpool monthly hosting, higher level SEO

Fun fact – client listed higher on Google than any other direct competitor within 14 weeks of Go Live.

Total Cost £3500

"They are so patient and carry out their work professionally and efficiently.”

"You are an inspiration to business women everywhere..."

"They were professional yet made dealing with them incredibly comfortable – like we were interacting with friends"

“People always say you can’t buy time but the team at Rockpool Creative have proven that statement false.”

"Their attention to detail is outstanding"