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Dance school reward & certification scheme

Brief in brief

Client Location – Sutton Valence, Kent. UK

  • Update of branding
  • Appeal more to target market
  • Easy to manage E – Commerce
  • Modernise and make fully responsive
  • Members area and customer self-management functionality
  • Incentive schemes for customers


  • Web Design
  • Advisory
  • Branding
  • Print Design
  • Training
  • E Commerce – full product category upload
  • Inventory implementation and integration with third party program
  • VA – full product catalogue upload


‘It has been great working with Rockpool, they have understood the brief and the look and feel we wanted for our new website and we are so pleased with the result. Since then Rockpool have been fantastic designing some beautiful lockdown certificates for our business is a really tight timeframe. The guys at Rockpool were great to work with and my website is beautiful. We had some tricky integrations which they navigated for me and now help my business run smoothly. They also coped very well with my never ending questions and didn’t make me feel silly for my absolute lack of any tech knowledge. Jen also did some speedy design work for me during lockdown which was just stunning.They have been a real hit. Rockpool has been very easy to work with, great with communication and very reliable – highly recommended”



Brand Redesign

The design work needed for this project was fairly minimal, our client was mostly happy with the design aspects of the existing website and did not want to lose recognition with any drastic changes aesthetically. We made font modifications that have been continued throughout the website and some other minor updates. We also brought in new CSS throughout the whole website, including carefully selected colours in order to segregate the many different categories the client has within the business while creating brand continuity throughout the website..

Accessing old files and making adjustments to bring them up to date.

Creating custom graphics and design for a new collection of products to diversify business during Covid-19. Using our fast track availability during times where there is no time to waste.

The Process


  • Make the website more user friendly
  • Higher level functionality 
  • Fully responsive on all devices
  • Overall user experience must be more linear.

  • Xero Integration with E Commerce 

  • Branding evolution

  • Improved digital download process

  • Implementation of Members Area

Full Platform & Plugin Research

Working out which platform would work best for the company and why


  • Brand Integrity
  • Cost
  • Functionality
  • Ease of use
  • Compatibility
  • Capability for further longterm growth

Added Extras

Client requested further help in ‘stocking’ the e-shop and organising the inventory, and then went on to ask for our help with designing some printed products for the business.

Client requested a customer members area for clients with automatically allocated discounts and additional membership perks. The client was also trained in how to use this feature.

Client also requested additional email addresses for the growing business.



Easy Navigation for Repeat Customers

Due to the size of the IDR product catalogue (Approx. 365 products with 3-7 variants per product), the navigation needed to be seamless and clearly structured for the user.

Client trained to maintain and upkeep

Client was given face to face training with two of our Rockpool Professionals and additional email support for one month after the site was live. The client has at times come back to us for support and advice which we are always happy to assist with wherever possible.

Responsive website

The site is optimised for all devices. Once the initial desktop site is built, the site is then broken down for mobile/tablet devices to ensure optimised functionality and usability.


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