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Remember, this is your ideal client/customer/target visitor. There are NO wrong answers. This is just to get a rough overview of who you believe or know to be your demographic. Think about what is 'usual' or your 'ideal'. Consider the median as it were. 

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Think about their purchase behaviour, do they like John Lewis? Or maybe TK Maxx? Maybe they shop in Waitrose or prefer Aldi. This doesn't mean you need to go through their receipts file, it is what you believe to be their behaviour.
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An example would be "Mrs C is around 38, she is married and has two children. She drives a Ford. We estimate her family income to be around £50k. She works part time, her husband full time. Mrs C likes to ask when our next discount offer will be as although she has disposable income she is frugal. She always chooses asks for day delivery and quite often books through us for additional options. She expects a high level of service and has left us a glowing review. She heard about us from a friend and has been loyal to us since her first order & booking." There are no wrong answers here, this can be an amalgamation of several people to be your ideal client/customer/target visitor.