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We were thrilled to be asked by the lovely folk at Design Sussex to do a workshop. We had some minor concerns about their hospitality but turns out there was nothing to fear with the Rose and Prosecco chilled and the Monster Munch spilling out of bowls!

Marketing is of course a HUGE topic and one that cannot possibly be covered in a 1.5 hour workshop but we picked some key content that we felt was generic enough for a range of industries and business types as well as a couple of games and involvement pieces. 

All photo credit to the lovely & talented Kt Bruce 

The atmosphere was just as we had hoped it was; like being in a room with friends. The conversation was free-flowing and the feedback has proven to us how relaxed people felt which enabled them to ask open questions about their worries, difficulties or successes in marketing their businesses. “I found it very informative and comfortably informal”.

Topics covered included social media, design, websites and brand identity and messaging.

The evening went by in the blink of an eye and lovely follow-on conversations were had when people had further questions for us. A thoroughly lovely evening and we hope Design Sussex will have us again…. Providing the snacks remain on par of course. 😉

You can ‘read all about it’ in Rye News


Would you like us to host a workshop or find out more about the workshops we offer?

With a combined experience of over 40 years, Rockpool offer digital marketing workshops for local companies who just want their brand to ‘do more’. 

Our informal yet informative workshops promise to offer you golden nuggets of information and advice about Marketing as well as newfound enthusiasm for your company.

So, what are the main points?

  • Informal brainstorming workshop with like minded people who just want to ‘do more’ with their business 
  • Learn key information for the current digital world of marketing or have your knowledge reiterated 
  • Enjoy a drink and a networking session 
  • Ask experts questions and receive to the point open advice 
  • Rockpool Creative often state ‘there are no stupid questions’…they have worked with many local companies from the bottom up, even showing one client how to text and email! 
  • Leave, having had an enjoyable time, having met new people and hopefully learn something you didn’t know before!

There is a real block when it comes to discussion of your business in an open format, we aren’t talking figures, turnover and profit margins, we are talking about the things that work for you and haven’t . Regardless of your industry or sector there is something to learn from everybody. The very nature of Rockpool is encouragement of collaborative, like minded people in every sense of the word.

The main reason we at Rockpool offer workshops are simply this, they are enjoyable. They bring that buzz which can be missing when you work majoritively in an isolated environment.  When you are so deeply involved in your business, you need time to step away and look at it as a whole.