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Something a little different for us at Rockpool last month, The Pricing Conversation!  We were  the proud sponsors of The Pricing Conversation – A collaboration between Jane Taylor, Emma Jayne, RockCake/Rockpool Creative (our Sister Company), Cake International and Olbaa Cake Boxes. With years of experience in the cake baking industry this collaboration was designed to provide some much needed answers to the most burning questions we get asked by bakers across the world – ‘How do I price my work correctly??’

Since so many bakers have asked this question, we decided to get a group of the most successful bakers and suppliers in the industry together to break this down and share their experiences and knowledge, and the best part about it?? It was completely FREE!! 

We have been working with Jane Taylor since she founded Taylor Made Cakes of Tenterden ™️and have been along for the amazing ride ever since… One thing that we noticed about the lovely bakers, be it on online groups, at Cake International or just in personal messages to Jane, is that many of them lack confidence in their work and this is then reflected in their pricing, even several years into running their businesses… NO MORE! The Conversation was designed to build confidence and explain the reality behind pricing in the cake and gift market.

The truth is that it is impossible to create a magic formula to take care of pricing, there are just too many ever changing variables to consider, the cost of ingredients and supplies, the years of practice and experience, location and target market are all very different but one thing remains the same, bakers are is a hard working and dedicated students of a specialist craft and pricing really needs to reflect this while taking into account all of the variables involved. 

Our collaborative group of bakers, suppliers & experts will be discussing their own pricing methods as well as the all important “self employed” mind set that it takes to get realistic about pricing and build the all important confidence that you need to finally stop questioning “am I too expensive”? 

Other topics covered were: pricing tiers, taking deposits, the difference between pricing cupcake bouquets and large intricate celebration cakes, the wedding market, admin consideration and much much more.

So, if like so many of your fellow bakers you have a hard time feeling confident about your pricing structure, then this is the Conversation is for you!

Frances “I really enjoyed this discussion. We covered many difficult aspects to business which so many people struggle with… from the success of the Conversation, we now feel it’s time to dig a little deeper and think, what can we do next? Watch this space!”