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Now there’s a question! What is a VA? Aka: Virtual Assistant…

What is a VA?

Now there’s a question! What is a VA? Aka. a Virtual Assistant…We have been asked this a few times, so we thought it’s time for a little blog.

Over the last few years, Rockpool has taken a huge leap; We have expanded and now undertake a huge amount of VA work.

A virtual assistant is generally freelance (like us) and provides professional administrative work; be that technical, and creative work (for social media) remotely from a home office. We work on an ad-hoc and a retainer basis for customers providing a huge weight off their shoulders, not only do we get the job done well, we also don’t need holiday pay like someone who is employed. We give you a completion time scale, and stick to it.

Let’s give some examples.
In the last few weeks we have:

  • Booked a client into a local show to exhibit: ordered their banner for at the show as well as gather their insurances etc needed for the show. (Ad-hoc)
  • Answered several emails for a client who is away on holiday (retainer with other work)
  • Set up an online booking facility for a client and integrated via html into their website (ad-hoc)
  • Reworked and optimised a clients outdated LinkedIn profile (ad-hoc)
  • Designed and ordered some branded business cards (retainer)
  • Answered a huge multitude of different social media messages – resulting in a large amount of conversions. (retainers)
  • Set up new emails and trained staff in accessing
  • Design some creative work for a social media campaign

And much more!

In short, we are assistants you email, whatsapp, text or call, briefly with a job list…and the job gets done!

Those mundane, admin jobs, those little fiddly forgettable things that need doing, that list of problems that you need done but don’t understand how to do…that is what we love to get our teeth into.

Like the sound of that? Get in touch.

The Rockpool Team