Ever heard of the expression a busman’s holiday? Well, unfortunately…we did not heed our own advice… “DON’T neglect your website! It really needs maintaining. It is your digital shop window and so on and so forth.”
We needed to add a multitude of client work to our portfolio as well as the addition of new services. It was only then we were able to really see how overlooked our own website had become. An exceptionally busy 18 months caused us to be blinkered to our own site and how much work needed to be done.
We were left with no choice but to undertake an enormous overhaul of our site, building once again from the ground up.

We are still the same Rockpool so many of you now rely upon – but with a fresh new face. New branding, new copy and a couple of new site elements such as our Quick Quote Calculator should hopefully mean you are able to seamlessly navigate through our site with ease.
We have also written our Case Study pages which detail (anonymously) what our clients paid and for what and in some cases even financial statistics. We elected a focus group to fully pull the site apart for us and we are thrilled with the results. We hope you are too!

So! What does 2023 bring?

A fun fact for you
In 2022 we successfully aided 20 businesses to fulfil their digital potential, of these 18 have come back to us for extension work OR have remained on retainer! A further 8 returned for additional work with varying budgets from £150 to £3000!

We wish you all, previous, current and future clients a prosperous and successful year.

Speak soon!

The Rockpool Team