Web Design

We can help with any kind of website, from small Brochure sites to full Ecommerce sites with endless functionality.

To create a website, often we utilise many of the other services we offer, including brand design- to ensure cohesion and consistency, graphic design – to create unique graphics and imagery for the website, copy-writing, photography, social media marketing and tech assist.

We work closely with you to build the site, both aesthetically and functionally. We ensure that the SEO is highly responsive and can work with you to ensure that your website gets the maximum exposure it can achieve.


Print & Packaging Design

The world may well be a digital one but there is most definitely still a need for print design.

Getting your message out there and into the hands of potential customers sometimes requires a hard copy. Whether that may be a brochure, flyer, your corporate stationery or the need for an advert to be designed. We have worked on print projects great and small. We can help you to ensure that you get the attention you need with well-executed and on-brand materials.

Printing can also be taken care of by us here at Rockpool.

It is crucial to get the design of your packaging right. Whether you are selling toothpaste or car fresheners, the shelf appeal must catch the right attention and compete with other products alongside yours.

We have qualified packaging designers here at Rockpool who can help you not just with the aesthetic design of your product’s packaging but also the materials used and production process. We regularly liaise with manufacturers on behalf of our clients to ensure that colours, materials and finishes are exactly how they should be.


Copy Writing

Well versed and well researched copy is not easy to come by. Sometimes we find that our clients are too close to their field to be able to freely write copy for themselves. 

We love to learn in depth about our client’s work in order to be able to write copy for them, whether it be for a blog, print material, website or anything else. 

We write ‘white label’ for many of our clients which means that the consumer is unaware of the third-party assistance and believe that the copy is coming directly from the source. 

Event design & promotion

Rockpool has award-winning event designers and stylists in house to help you create that jaw-dropping event whether it be for a corporate get together or a product launch.

Being brand experts we are aware of how important it is for all aspects of an event to correlate to the brand and connect with customers, consumers and colleagues.

These days many corporate events, whether they are for the customer or colleague, contain an element of interactivity and indulgence. We delight in creating not just impressive environments but also immersive experiences for our clients and their guests. 


From setting up emails on your behalf to trouble-shooting and assisting your staff with your online assets and access.

Everyone needs a little help sometimes! We offer everything an employed secretary may do but without the pressure of a salary, pension and holiday pay. 

In the past year alone we have set up new staff emails and document templates, scheduled over 3000 organic social media posts, optimsed Google accounts, backed up websites and gained back ‘lost’ access to various digital property. 


Brand Identity

Brand Identity covers everything from the logo to the way that your brand is perceived overall. 

Before we create your branding we spend time looking at the market you sit within to ensure that it is created considering both your target market and the other products and services out there. 

We work in an organically creative way, communicating concepts at various stages to ensure that we remain on track as ideas develop. We pride ourselves in listening closely to, and working with our clients to ensure that the ideas we put forward are going to be suitable and liked. 

When we design branding we consider all required applications of the brand to ensure that it has the flexibility it requires and supply all required files and a brand guidelines document on completion.

photography & film

Rockpool boasts three talented and experienced professionals with an incredible portfolio.

Good photography is valuable to us here at Rockpool. We use it for our client’s websites, their marketing, social media and print materials. 

Whether you need a photo-shoot and head-shots for your business, product shots, a showcase video or an advert for television we can help you get the material you need.

social media marketing

Correctly utilised and well managed Social Media should be an integral part of any successful business in 2020. Working ‘white label” to strategically lift your business profile and awareness using funnel marketing is a great place to start.

Your time is precious and you need to spend it wisely. We can give all of your social media channels a complete overhaul to get you on the right track, raising your brand awareness and increasing trade. Do you need our highly experienced team to drive traffic to your website? Or create a Facebook funnel ad campaign for you? Maybe you just need direction for where to go or how to start? Rockpool’s team are highly experienced in all and everything social media. 


Business Strategy

Not sure where to go next?

With a huge range of industries in our portfolio and a diverse collection of clients we are able to help you become ‘unstuck’ on where to go next with your business. 

Whether you are just starting off and need help with a business name and brand positioning or you are looking to enter a new market we can give you the help and inspiration you need.


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